Friday, 28 January 2011

Chris: An Introduction

I thought it best if we started off the blog with a few posts explaining what each of us will be writing about, what our views are on subjects we'll cover, basic info of that nature. So, I'll get the ball rolling.

As said in the opening post, I'm the designated lefty, who will write about current events, often with a political slant, and a particular interest in health care. I started my other blog about 8 months ago purely because I like debating things, and putting it in a blog spared others around me from my inane ranting. Here's a very brief summary of where I stand on things I typically write about:

Politically, I'm on the centre-left, newly a member of Labour, typically on the left of said party. Do however disagree with the party in several areas which will come up later. Not a big fan of the coalition, as will become very obvious I'd imagine.

Because of my course, I take quite a lot of interest in all things health care, and particularly in the NHS. I think it's one of our greatest creations as a nation and it saddens me to see it pulled apart as it is right now.

I think man-made climate change is the single biggest threat to many people around the world right now, and it staggers me that people can still deny it exists in the face of mountains of scientific research.

The one thing I despise above all else is intolerance, be it in the form of racism, sexism or just generally ignorant views about other people. It's lazy, it's dangerous, and people who engage in it are morons. If you'd like examples of this ignorance, pick up a copy of the Daily Mail, almost every story would fall into this bracket.

I'm an atheist, and whilst people are welcome to hold whichever personal beliefs they may choose, I object to the damage done when religion (all of the major religions of the world) forces its beliefs on others or demands they be respected in the wider public. Be it through the needless deaths in Africa caused by the Catholic Church's stance on condoms, to the persecution of women and gays by all the big religions.

There are obviously more things than this, but I wouldn't want to give it all away in one post and this is long enough as it is, so to finish, a quick fire round.

Raised Tuition Fees: Bad.
Referendum on AV: Vote Yes.
Monarchy: Get rid of them.
Drug Prohibition: Devastatingly stupid.
Andrew Lansley: Massive dunce.
Blackpool FC: Football kings.

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