Liam (Are You Reading) - @Quinn64

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A 2nd year student at Lancaster University, studying Philosophy, Politics & Economics. On the progressive centre-right, a republican, an atheist and a keen cricketer. Born a stone's throw away from Upton Park has led me down the sorry path of supporting West Ham. 

Favourite Film: V for Vendetta.
Favourite People: Ian Bell & David Laws
Covering: Politics & Economics.

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Chris (Scrubbed Up Student) - @CWallace91

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A 2nd year Medical student at the University of Manchester. On the progressive centre-left, an atheist, republican, hater of the Daily Mail and many more meaningless labels besides. Originally from the seaside dream that is Blackpool and a massive fan of my local team.

Favourite Film: A Beautiful Mind
Favourite Person: Stephen Fry/David Mitchell
Covering: Current Events, Politics & Health Care

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Josh (Life In A Glass House)

A first year English Language and Creative Writing student at the University of Cumbria.  He's taking his second stab at university.  Hater of ignorance, negativity and Kay Burley.  Classic film buff, 80's and 90's music geek and much more in tune with culture than politics and current affairs.

Favourite Film: Reservoir Dogs, Rope, Fargo
Favourite Person:  Mark Kermode, Stuart Maconie
Covering:  Culture, Reviews, Upcoming Events.

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George (We Used To Be Monkeys)

A third year sociology student at Lancaster University an atheist with a centre-left outlook on Politics and most other things. Born in Blackpool and proud of it even if it is the British answer to Kabul. Addicted to the BBC 24 and an astronomy fanatic but hater of Fox News and the human embodiment of Satan - Rupert Murdoch.

Favourite Film: The Pianist
Favourite Person: Black Dynamite
Covering: Politics, Religion and Culture.